Compaq Laptop Screen Replacement

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   COMPAQ Laptop Screen Replacement 

Compaq Laptop Screen Replacement completed in taking some minutes. And given the some easy way to replace the laptop screen.There are some step follow.


Open the Compaq laptop required tools there are Screwdriver Set, Laptop Case Open Pry Tool, Hook and Pick Set, Screw Extractor Set, Digital Multi meter, Soldering Station, Desolating Pump etc.


Step 1. Remove the laptop battery.

Step 2. Remove the  cover, Using a Hook object remove one screw cover located in the left corner of the display.There are four obvious 1.5 Allen screws on the sides. So Remove them. This computer cover was also snapped together. Using the prying tools, The cover should just fall away.

Step 3. Remove all screws found under these cover. We all have to use a very small screwdriver. Remove Tape there are hold wires where they belong or metallic tape to connect rf shielding. Look the panel carefully.

Step 4. Care full your fingers under the bezel on the top of the display. And remove display cover

Step 5. you can use a guitar pick to open the screen cover.

Step 6. Continue open the bezel on the top and bottom sides of the display. And  Remove form the display.

Step 7. Remove two screws getting the LCD mounting brackets on the top side of the display assembly.There will be four to six of them. Remove connectors as you can access them. In  this case the display connector is under the metal taps on the back shield.

Step 8. Loosen screws securing the right display hinge. And left display hinge.

Step 9. Remove  the LCD assembly from the display back cover just enough to access two screws on the side.

Step 10. Separate two more screws from the left mounting bracket And Remove right mounting bracket.

Step 11. Now you can open the display cable on the back. Remove clear tape the connection.Then Unplug the screen cable.

Step 12. Now you can remove the LCD screen completely.

Step 13. Now Install new LCD Screen in laptop. Replace connectors and tape wherever possible.And Replace cover in laptop screen. In this case I just close the display.We carefully examined the edges to verify that no wires are pinched and all gaps are close.


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